Specialists at ESTHETIC FACE possess excellent professional qualifications and a keen creative eye. Adopting a holistic approach, they factor in not only natural facial features and the proportions between the eyes, nose and mouth, but also tooth shape and coloration.

Well-honed foresight and a sophisticated sense of esthetic quality are used to explain a range of treatment methods, materials and therapies that could be used to fulfill the patient’s personal wishes. It goes without saying that this occurs in the strictest of confidence. Models, technical simulations, dummies and mock-ups are used to ensure that the patient enters treatment plans fully aware of the intended outcome.

This comprehensive process of esthetic analysis guarantees the optimum implementation of all surgical, medical and esthetic criteria defined in consultation with the patient. Each and every specialist within the ESTHETIC FACE network shares the common goal of giving patients a youthful, radiant face that infuses them with joy and well-being.