JÜRGEN ELLWANGER is a renowned expert in the field of dermatology and laser medicine with an attractive clinic on Maximiliansplatz. Blending passion for his profession with an outstanding level of specialist expertise, he delivers innovative medical solutions that are tailored to patients’ individual anti-aging and medical-cosmetic requirements.

As a professional dermatologist, Dr. Ellwanger’s work with ESTHETIC FACE enables patients to feel fresher and more attractive thanks to finer facial skin. Peelings rich in active ingredients, rejuvenating needling and cutting-edge microdermabrasion techniques enhance skin structure and put the finishing touches on a radiant, youthful appearance.

In addition to a variety of ultrasound and laser-assisted treatments, Dr. Ellwanger sees the use of Botox and hyaluronan fillers to deal with wrinkles as an ideal accompaniment to plastic surgery. He offers a range of dermatological therapies that pave the way to not only esthetic perfection, but also a holistic feeling of health, well-being and beauty.