When assembling her multi-award-winning network of specialists, SABINE GROSSER placed particular emphasis on not only outstanding expertise, personality and a humane approach, but also friendly support staff, excellent management systems based on cutting-edge technology and stylish premises at the heart of the city – thus minimizing the distance between individual specialists.

This unique concept was born out of Sabine’s desire to offer patients holistic support as they pursue their goal of gaining a more youthful appearance by means of cosmetic medicine and dentistry. In particular, ESTHETIC FACE ensures that patients receive outstanding advice and care in all areas and throughout all phases, enter treatment with a full understanding of the selected techniques and intended outcome, and can rest assured that their wishes and worries are taken seriously.

Sabine’s expertise is the result of many years of experience in the field of esthetic dentistry. As the owner of SUPERIOR DENTLUXE, her career is founded on her commitment to offering patients excellent treatment and advice. She is therefore always available in person to talk directly to interested parties, surgeons and dental technicians. She also assumes responsibility for organizing consultations, drawing up treatment plans and scheduling appointments.