DANIEL THOME works alongside Dr. Peter Neumann at their stylish practice and outpatients’ clinic AESTHETIC AND SOUL in central Munich. He specializes in modern esthetic facial rejuvenation solutions. In particular, he uses minimally invasive face and eyelid lifting techniques as well as innovative volume-enhancing lipofilling to help his patients look fresh and full of life.

Among other benefits, cooperation with dental surgeons and technicians from the ESTHETIC FACE network further strengthens the foundation for his work due to the influence jaw and tooth positioning has on the esthetics of the patient’s facial proportions.

To give an example, it is sometimes sensible to put temporary orthodontic brackets in place prior to a facelift. This is especially true if a total reconstruction of all rows of teeth is required, the reason being that it is both functionally and esthetically essential for all elements involved in the facelift to be perfectly coordinated with one another. Even after the post-op healing phase has ended, this strategy makes it possible to optimize the effect of the facelift by carrying out fine adjustments to the patient’s teeth – thus contributing to a harmonious overall esthetic.