PETER NEUMANN often refers to the “magic” that occurs when the proportions between the eyes, nose and mouth are harmonized with one another. Using a blend of outstanding professional expertise, patience and empathy, he enables patients to achieve the ideal beauty created by that magic in accordance with their personal wishes.

When carrying out esthetic analysis, Dr. Neumann places special emphasis on giving his patients thorough, confidential guidance that enables them to appreciate how vital the balance between facial expression, the various areas of the face and the teeth is to a harmoniously youthful appearance.

His specialty is also rhinoplasty – the blue riband of plastic-esthetic surgery. Rhinoplasty treatments require a wealth of in-depth knowledge and always represent a highly delicate surgical challenge.

The complementary skills held by Dr. Peter Neumann and Dr. Daniel Thome make them the perfect team. Working at their modern Munich-based clinic (AESTHETIC AND SOUL) in cooperation with dental specialists from the ESTHETIC FACE network, they provide sophisticated solutions that ensure nothing but beautiful facial features and teeth.