PETER RANDELZHOFER practices at the spacious IMPLANT COMPETENCE CENTRUM on Marienplatz. Drawing on his surgical finesse and wealth of specialist know-how, he specializes in the implantation of artificial roots which factor in esthetic criteria where required. This demands in-depth knowledge of the systems and techniques involved, and is especially challenging in the case of front teeth.

Dr. Randelzhofer’s overriding aim is to enable patients to regain some of their quality of life. As a specialist in implant dentistry, periodontology and dental prosthetics, his work targets the return of dental systems to a natural and functional state. Pursuing nothing but excellent outcomes characterized by outstanding esthetic standards, he carries out biomechanical reconstructions of entire rows of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. This often also involves ensuring the healthy function of the temporomandibular joint.

The work carried out by Dr. Randelzhofer is characterized by outstanding quality, precision operating techniques and the targeted planning and application of dental technology in accordance with the SUPERIOR DENTLUXE concept. His expertise therefore significantly enhances the pool of knowledge available to other specialists within the ESTHETIC FACE network.